It’s a boy!!! It’s a girl!!!

Dreaming – well that is my thing. Some dreams are meaningful, some are just random. I had this dream during my early days of marriage that I was standing with a group of unfamiliar people wearing a white salwar kameez. I felt someone tugging on my dupatta. As I turned back, I saw a little boy who looked exactly like my husband. The little boy smiled at me and called me ‘Mommy’ and that was the end of the dream. I fell madly deeply in love with that little boy in my dream. Somehow, I always felt I was going to have a son. It was a long wait after that and when I got pregnant, I was so curious to find out if it was going to be a boy or a girl and the old wives tales I got to hear from almost everyone around me didn’t help much. It is just so hilarious now when I think about all the predictions made by my friends and family.

So, it started with me not having morning sickness at all. I was never sick. Generally, pregnant women struggle a lot during their first trimester with nausea and cannot eat at all. But I was hogging religiously from day one. So, everyone said it’s a boy because it’s a smooth pregnancy. My family was truly amazed by my food intake and weight gain. I had gained 16 kilos in 9 months which again led to the confirmation that it is going be a boy baby as boys eat more. Really!!!!

Some people would say my face is glowing, so it’s going to be a boy and some would say I look tired and look horrible, so it’s going to be a boy. Phew!! Some said that it is a boy because I am carrying all out front and not on the sides while others said if the baby’s heartbeat is less than 140 beats per minute (which was always between 120 and 135 in my case) , it’s  a boy.

There were some predictions also made about the baby’s hair. Like I said, I never had morning sickness; so there were chances that my baby had no hair on his head. Also, they said that if there was itching sensation on the stomach, the baby has a lot of hair. Since, I had none of these symptoms, I was pretty sure I was having a bald baby boy.

We had a guessing game in our Baby Shower where people had to guess the baby’s gender. There was no surprise there. Except for three people (including me), everybody else predicted a baby boy.

My husband and I were hunting for a perfect name for our son and we couldn’t find any. The only name that we both loved and agreed upon was ‘Rebecca’. We hoped that we will have a baby girl next time and we shall name her ‘Rebecca’.

It was time for the mystery to be revealed and we still had no name for our baby boy. I was waiting for my bald little baby boy and the Doctor said, “Jenefa, you have a beautiful baby girl.” What???? My baby was beautiful and perfect and had lot of hair. My husband was equally surprised but we couldn’t have been happier. At that point of time, it really did not matter whether it was a boy or girl. A healthy baby was all that mattered. We just had too many reasons to celebrate – Baby Rebecca’s Arrival and Christmas!!!



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