Things you realize only after getting married!!!

There are few many things which you begin to realize only after getting married. I knew my better half for more than two years before getting married. He seemed like the perfect man and I’m assuming he too had similar thoughts about me. In college, he was always well dressed, well groomed, had different file folders for different subjects with labels on them(woah!!), spoke well, always wore good perfume, always had money in his wallet (lol) and a perfectionist. Anyway, every story has a perfect fairy tale ending because it ends with the Prince and Princess getting married. It never talks about the next day after the big wedding. So, I have decided to pen down random thoughts that paraded my mind the NEXT DAY.

All of a sudden, you have to share everything with your husband, starting with the toothpaste. When I was not married, I had the freedom of squeezing out the toothpaste however I liked. As long as the end result is achieved, i.e the toothpaste is on the toothbrush, I really don’t care about the technical details.   But now, this husband of mine is already being judgmental about the way the toothpaste tube looks and he goes ahead and comments on the way my toothbrush looks after I have used it. And trust me, it’s been seven years and this discussion still happens.

One would assume that a person with so much perfection would be flawless in everything. I learnt a very important lesson that nothing is predictable in marriage. As we happily flew down to Kerala for our honeymoon, little did I know that my husband packed his bag just few minutes before boarding the flight. My bag was packed for Kerala a month before our wedding and I was still worried if I had forgotten something, but my husband, on the other hand, did not pack anything of importance and we had to go shopping straight from the airport even before going to the hotel. Now, it was my turn to be judgmental about how can a person manage to be so casual. This continues to remain the same too. In fact, it has become worse as I cannot tolerate procrastination and end up packing for both of us. Of course, once the packing is done, the perfectionist finds faults and everything has to be redone.

I love beaches, he loves hill stations.

I love chicken, he loves mutton

I love continental, he loves Chinese

I love watching romantic movies, he loves action

I love reading, he loves music

I love swimming, he totally hates it

I love going out, he likes staying in

I love parks, he loves malls

What on earth are we supposed to do together!!!???

Whenever I think about our marriage, I realize that God has a beautiful sense of humour. He makes two people who are not at all similar to each other, fall in love with each other so much that by the time they realize that they are so different than the other person, they are already married. BOOM!!

Does the love fade away with this realization?? Not at all!!

His passion for music inspired me to learn music. My love for swimming encouraged him to try even though getting wet is not his favorite thing. Sometimes he takes me out; sometimes we stay home and watch TV. I started eating Chinese with him; he started eating Continental with me. Sometimes we watch romantic movies and sometimes action movies. We enjoy hill stations in summer and beaches in winter. The monotonous life that I had with my own passions and interests has now acquired new flavor as my husband’s passions and interests got added to it. Life is now sweet and spicy, just the way I like it. Some believe that Marriages are made in Heaven and I truly agree to that. Only God can find that missing puzzle piece which is so different yet  fits  so perfectly into your life!!



65 thoughts on “Things you realize only after getting married!!!

  1. Ali ahmed says:

    What I feel is GOD has purposely got these 2 different people together , if we would have everything in common we would have no excitement in life how monotonous life would have been, different of opinion and choise brings excitement in life which increases the love and effection fr each other.


      • Asa-Mari says:

        Of course! It was a beautiful post, a welcome reminder of what it to be in a partnership with someone I love dearly even though there are differences. Our differences are not meant to drive us apart but to bring us closer together, and it’s a journey worth sharing as much as it is worth experiencing. Thank you for posting! Much love to you and your hubby ❤


  2. Pooja says:

    I find this blog pretty interesting. But for some reason, it couldn’t be perfectly true after all because not all marriages are made in heaven. Some are into forced marriage and arranged marriage while either he or she is actually loving someone else. And I find that very sad. I am happy for those who have made their relationships working out after such. But what about those who haven’t? Would they endure for the sake of the children and saving their family pride? Thus I can never blame for those who ended up their relationships due to incompatibility and the like.

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  3. Aishwarya says:

    Awesome one. Mine an arranged marriage. We are just the opposite poles came together in the bond of love. He love beaches I love hills. He love comedy and I love romantic movies. An lovely write up.


  4. sravan says:

    It’s really woow,Its totally God’s game to complete life’s puzzle,am in search of my life partner

    I really love your story……….


  5. Dhara says:

    Very sweet and apt article.. Loved it and could very well relate it too… Beautifully put.. Your article is circulating among my friends in fb…


  6. Raj says:

    Hey Jen.. It was indeed a very nice written up and u sumed up well.. I could relate everything with it even though I got married to my love just 45 days back 🙂


  7. Dr. Tony X. Mathew says:

    It may be sweet before and soar after marriage..but you made a perfect dish out of it and shared the recipe..really thoughtful..thank you and congrats from a man with a caring wife& four children..

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  8. Mansij Biswas says:

    after so long, i read an inspirational article on marriage between two people with completely different taste! thanks for this…i am getting married in 15 days of time from this comment, and i know my fiancee since past 1 and half years almost and we both know we are entirely different…inspite of knowing that, keeping aside all the differences, we are set to get married! looking forward for an “add-on” “spicy” life 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  9. pattyzavon says:

    Love this post and oh how true! My hubby and I were friends before we started dating and have been happily married for over 28 years! He is my soulmate as it was meant to be! Thanks for a great read and blessings to you both!! 😀


  10. Partha says:

    Jen, Nice to see a good article. If you Like what he like most, he will definitely likes what you most like… It is been 8 years Me and my wife got married (Love Marriage). we are fine with lot of issues. Since it will end in few mins…..All the best for your life. Enjoy the ups and downs.


  11. Raghavendra says:

    You already have hit the Nail; While most interestingly the best part is having differences and still being one; I love when my wife supports me for stuff that she had always said no to; Your post is great and surely reading this make me feel good and real. Thanks for writing such a beautiful post and a wonderful memory lane.


  12. alice says:

    Nice article but its always not a bed of roses. MAYBE in your case, you both are flexible and hence the differences are bridged. Differences can be become quite painful if partners are not flexible. Agree, that opposites attract but finally we are not magnets, as human those conflicting choices are drift people apart. If one wonders what keeps such a relationship ongoing, its either unconditonal love for that person inspite of differences or in some cases the social pressure from parents, children or society.

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  13. ranju says:

    Jen u nailed condition is pretty same. And I totally relate it.the day u have written this happens to be my wedding day too..kudos:)


  14. Vimal says:

    Yeah very correct..It has been 7 months since we married (arranged marriage:))..we used to fight due to monotonous interests. Later we are becoming very sharing and able to tolerate each other.. Love is blossoming truly. And your post on this is very nice and I think it syncs with everyone’s life in this matter 🙂


  15. PerfervidDreams says:

    “The missing puzzle that fits so perfectly.” I could relate to each and every word..!!
    Thanks of a wonderful read..!!
    It’s okay to be different on all other aspects as long as the love of you life sands ‘mutual’.

    Liked by 1 person

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