The One that got AWAY!!

Yes you read it right. I’m going to talk about the one that got away – The one I loved, the one I met every single day, the one who was the dream that almost came true, the one who made me a rebel, the one who made me fight with my family, the one who made me cry at the thought of not being together, the one who made me dream of a life together, the one who I fell in love with at first sight, the one who still pulls the strings of my heart, the one that got away!!

This was during the early days of our marriage. My husband, my brother-in-law and I were the three musketeers in town. We had money, no responsibility and lot of free time, so we would be all over the town. One fine evening, when we were just loafing around, we stumbled upon a pet shop. We decided to walk in with no intention of falling in love. As soon as we entered, we saw a beautiful yellow Labrador puppy playing around. It was the cutest thing and it instantly stole our hearts. Now, my husband and I have had traumatic experiences (at least that’s what we say) with dogs in our childhood days; so we had lost the ability to love dogs and also we were somewhat scared of the cute little thing. The puppy had no such inhibitions about us and it came and licked our feet playfully. She had the cutest eyes and she convinced me to take her home. I had decided a name for her too – Pouchie (because she was so tiny she could fit into my pouch… lol).  From the owner of the shop I got to know that Pouchie was always hungry and this led me to firmly believe that she was just like us – Ever hungry and Food lover. We walked out of the store promising Pouchie that we would be back. As we sat back in our car to leave, I saw her peeking out of the door as if she was wondering why we were not taking her with us already.

Once, we were out of the area, things began to change. Everyone started wondering if this was a good idea. Since our family is huge, we have huge number of advice and concerns floating in from all the directions. Nobody was happy with our decision of buying a dog. I felt my dream fading away as my family started reasoning and thinking practically. They said it’s too much responsibility, somebody has to be there the whole time to watch the dog, we cannot take vacations, we have to take her outside every day, we will have to spend too much on her maintenance, dogs are emotional creatures and they get depressed without company and loads of other reasons. None of the solutions I gave were of any use.

Nevertheless, I still tried to be positive that my family would change their mind. I visited many stores to enquire about dog food and pet accessories for my dear Pouchie. We visited her regularly and I saw my fear of dogs vanishing when I looked into her beautiful deep mesmerizing eyes. I was determined to take her home with me and prayed that my family would accept her too. There was lot of chaos about Pouchie and we had our final family meeting. It was me against the whole family. I was almost 24 and still nobody was able to believe that I can take full responsibility of a dog. These are the same people who have no problem believing that I can take full responsibility of a baby. The last statement was made by my mother who said, “Dogs don’t live for longer period of time and you won’t be able to handle the loss.” I had no response to that statement and finally decided to give up.

To make things worse, they aired ‘Marley and Me’ that weekend. I decided not to go to the store ever and I never did. I prayed that Pouchie would go to a very loving family – a family that would take care of her better than me. I missed her and it made me feel awful. My husband got me a baby tortoise to get me out of the depression, but that did not help much. I love my ‘Oogway’ but she does not roll, bark, cuddle or wait for me to get back home. Pouchie’s place is still vacant.

My daughter, who is just a year old now seems to love dogs. She gets really excited when she sees ‘Goggy’ (that’s what she calls all the dogs).  I hope that someday my daughter would grow up to love dogs and would be able to convince her father better than me to get one.

We face many situations where we give up on things we love, our passions, our dreams fearing failure. The thought of losing Pouchie seemed unbearable to me then. But, now when I think about it, I know I would have lived an awesome life with Pouchie and I’m sure it would have been AMAZING. The fear of death does not stop us from falling in love, making new friends, having babies, owning a vehicle or taking new risks. So why should that stop me from letting a dog be a part of my life.

Someone rightly said ‘Life is short, play with your dog!!!’ I hope someday a cute little Pouchie will be a part of our perfect little family. Until then, with hope I’ll carry on!!



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