The Weight Loss Adventure – Part 1

With only three months left for our wedding, my fiance and I realized we should hit the gym and get fit (at least that’s what we told everyone). But the real reason was something totally different. Since both of us were working, we were finding it too difficult to make time for each other. Also no one in our family understood why it was such a big deal for us to meet each other every day; but it was a BIG DEAL!!! So, we made a foolproof plan about taking a gym membership together; that way we have a good reason to meet each other every single day.

When I first entered the gym, I realized I had no muscles, no flexibility, no stamina and NO INTEREST. The only appealing factor in that gym was my fiance. So there was no exercise happening and just lot of nonsense chatter until one week later when my fiance announced that his office timings have changed and he would no longer be able to make it to the gym… WHAT!!!!??? By then, I had realized I had already gained 1 kg from the time I started working out which is not good news at all because my wedding gown was already ready and the lady who made the gown told me she would not make any alteration, come what may!! Why can’t things go the way I plan ever??!!

So, now I had appointed a personal trainer to shed that weight and also started following a strict diet where I was literally eating nothing. I hated everything, the gym, the trainer, the treadmill, the exercise cycle, the bench press machine, the machine that helps you stretch, the weights and everything else in that room. There was just one week left for the wedding and I had gained another kg. So, now I’m two kgs heavier than how much I weighed before joining this gym… why Lord why!!!

I somehow managed to fit into my wedding gown (thank God for that) and got happily married. We went on our honeymoon and we ate like we were never ever fed good food before. Back from the honeymoon, I realized I had gained two morekgs and was not happy about it at all. I went back to the gym and booked the best personal trainer and started training with him. Still there was no difference. My weight kept increasing. I did not understand what was the cause of this weight gain – new lifestyle, new food habits or frequent eat out sessions with the new husband?? I was clueless. The weighing machine showed my weight which was now 6 kgs higher than how much I initially weighed and it was now very much visible to everyone around me. I toiled and toiled at this gym every single day and I just kept gaining weight whereas my husband just paid casual visits and lost five kgs. Some said maybe it was the muscle weight – but I felt no muscles anywhere…. Huh!!! Life was beginning to look very unfair. The sight of my husband rejoicing on the weighing scale was so annoying!!

 I was overwhelmed by all the comments I got from people – ‘Chubby Cheeks’, ‘Golu Molu’, ‘It seems you are happy and PROSPEROUS’, ‘Are you REALLY working out??’, ‘This is natural – you put on weight after you get married’  and many others which I do not wish to mention on a public forum. My one year subscription was over at this gym and there I was ‘one year older and seven kgs heavier’. I was battling whether I should renew my subscription or just give up this effort of losing weight. I had never gained so much in a year ever and I knew I had to do something about it. Being short was not helping me with the weight issues. I was beginning to look like a plump little lady and this plump little lady had no plan of what to do next.

I will write soon about the GRAND PLAN.




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