Here we go AGAIN….It’s time for ROUND 2!!!!

No!!!We are not having another baby…At least not so soon (Lol). I’m talking about our other baby – our brand new album ‘Zinda Khuda’. Our band Chattaan is super excited about it and we have started our recording sessions too. We released our first album ‘Sabse Ooncha’ in 2011 and had so much fun singing our own songs. It’s time to go down that road again. New season brings new reasons to sing new songs and that is what we are going to do!! 

Introducing the members:

Daniel Rao – Lead Vocals/Acoustic Guitar/Loving Husband

Noel Dhiraj – Bass/Hungry Brother-in-law

David Rao – Drums and Percussion/Vocals/Hungrier Brother–in-law

Salome Rao – Vocals/Pretty Sister-in–law

Kunal Onkar – Studio Engineer/Vocals/My brother from another mother

Samuel Mantode – Studio Engineer/Electric guitar/My other brother from another mother

Jenefa Rao – Keyboard/Vocals/Me me me!!!

This is my band family and I’m truly amazed to see how beautifully God has brought us together and provided us with unique strengths and abilities so that we complement each other. In Jesus we are One.  ‘How it all began’ is a beautiful story which I will be sharing with you all soon.

For now, we are all set to record!!!!We were so overwhelmed by the response we got for our old album and we hope you will love our new songs too. 

Thankful for God’s faithfulness always!! He makes all things beautiful in HIS time!!!

 Love Laugh and Make Music!!! 





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