The Grand Proposal!!

It’s been nine years now and it seems like I just met him. Two months back we celebrated our proposal anniversary. I really doubt whether we should call it that because there was hardly any proposal. There was no ring, no flowers, nobody went down on one knee, nobody said ‘I love you’ and nobody kissed.

It was the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter. Since, we both are Christians; we were supposed to be super busy. It was a long weekend and we had three days leave from college. Usually, I hated going to college and loved holidays. Under normal circumstances, I would have been super happy with the three day long weekend; but, I was stupidly in love with a boy, who had no idea of how I felt for him. So holidays were times away from him and I felt awful about it. Once you are married, you truly wish for alone time; but that was not the case back then. I wanted to be with him all the time.

All our mutual friends thought that we would be great together. They said we would be perfect for each other. I secretly wished he believed that too. But, things were never going in the direction I wanted them to go.

I remember asking him to join my batch so that we would be in the same project batch on the first day of college and he asked me if there were any good looking girls in that batch… Grrr!! He would ask me why my hair was so curly and out of control and why was I so short. He hated my dressing sense and would ask me why I wear heels to college. He would have an opinion about everything I wore and everything I did. He was also vocal about the way I sang, the way I danced and the way I spoke. When one of our friends suggested that he should date me, he said, “Whoever TAKES this MISS would commit a grave MISTAKE” My one sided secret love affair seemed awfully pathetic to me and I decided to move on. I heard somewhere that when little boys like little girls they throw rocks at them; that is their way of showing affection. I did not realize that these were the rocks thrown at me as a symbol of his affection. Honestly, I don’t understand why people say women are complicated. It’s totally the other way around.

Friday evening I suddenly got a call from him and this was our conversation:

Him: You know what?? I did something that I never do. I lied to my mother

Me (confused): About what?

Him: That I wanted to buy a book… but I just wanted to get out so that I can speak with you

Me: Hmmm??!!!!???!!!!….

Him: Can I come early tomorrow to you place? I want to talk something important

Me: Ok

I could not sleep that night. What was so important that he had to lie to his mother? I was super confused and decided to wait. Next day, early morning he came home. We were supposed to have a group study session later that day and he wanted to talk to me before all the other guys got there. This conversation was in no way better than the conversation we had the previous day

Him: You know, in the movies, when hero says he cannot live without the heroine….

Me: Yes…

Him: I used to find that funny… But now…. I don’t find it funny

Me: Hmm…

Him: Are you getting what I’m trying to say

Me: Yes!!!! I feel the same way

That’s it!!! That was the GRAND PROPOSAL to which I said YES!!

He smiled at me and I smiled back. He asked me if he can hold my hand and I happily let him hold and we held hands for almost two hours without talking anything until our friends arrived.

I was the happiest person on earth when I got to know he liked me for a long long time and was having trouble expressing it.

9 years from then, that love has multiplied tremendously. I once was in love with a boy in college, but later I fell in love with the man who took care of me, the partner who shared all my joys and sorrows, the husband who would give up anything for his wife, the son who knew how to love his parents, the son-in-law who knew how to love my mother, the brother who cherishes and loves his siblings, the father who adores his daughter.

And I thought I loved you THEN!!!

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