The Weight loss Adventure -Part 2 : ‘Dear Food, I miss you!!’

After gaining almost 7 kgs, I was desperately in need of a grand plan. Gym was certainly not working out for me. The street food available outside the gym was definitely not helping too. After working out for an hour claiming to work out for an hour, you get really really hungry. I decided to QUIT the gym!!

One lazy afternoon I was just casually browsing and came across an advertisement of an aerobic center. I read the description and it seemed quite interesting. I picked up my bag, wore my flip-flops and rushed to the fitness center. Fortunately, they were having one of their sessions and the kind lady at the reception asked me if I wanted to take a trial. I was too nervous and decided to just watch.

The trainer was amazing. She was floating around like an angel. There were two sets of people – level one (who looked like beginners) and level two (who looked like experts). The uplifting music to which the members were dancing was awesome. They all looked happy and were having fun unlike people at my gym. They had pictures of all the members who had achieved maximum weight loss which motivated me a lot. I registered with them  and they gave me free sessions with the dietitian.

The dietitian interviewed me for a while and told me that I had a condition called ‘latent obesity’. I did not know what it meant but I just nodded my head because I didn’t want to look stupid on the first day and also because I have Google. So I went back home and checked the meaning and I was not happy at all.

Latent: existing in hidden or dormant form

Obesity:  an abnormal accumulation of body fat

I had abnormal accumulation of body fat in hidden form which can just pop out anytime. So, apart from the weight I have already gained, I also have hidden fats!!! No wonder I don’t lose any weight; I have hidden fats all over my body.

The dietitian also gave me a small food diary and she told me to record my food intake. She told me to record even the tiniest thing that I ate. This was on a Saturday; so I had Sunday for recording my food intake and from Monday onwards I was planning to burn the floor with my smooth moves (lol).

My mom made a traditional south Indian breakfast that morning. It’s called ‘Pal Kolakattai’. I asked my mom the English translation of the dish to write it down in my food diary and she said ‘rice balls in sweet thick milk’. Alright, then!!! This was my food chart

10.00 am: Two bowls of rice balls in sweet thick milk

11.00 am: Three pieces of dairy milk fruit and nut chocolate

11.10 am: Three more pieces of dairy milk fruit and nut chocolate

11.20 am: Banana milkshake

11.35 am: 10 to 15 peanuts

11.55 am: Three more pieces of dairy milk fruit and nut chocolate

1.30 pm: One plate Mutton biriyani with vegetable raita (It’s Sunday!!!)

1.55 pm: One bowl of rice balls in sweet thick milk (Dessert)

2.15 pm: One chocobar ice cream candy

2.45 pm: A small bowl of mixed nuts

3.45 pm: Variety of chips (potato/banana) – one bowl

4.00 pm: Three pieces of dairy milk fruit and nut chocolate (Finally finished the chocolate bar)

5.00 pm: Two bowls of rice balls in sweet thick milk (Evening snack)

9.45 pm: Four pieces of chicken kabab, one glass virgin pina colada, a bowl of chicken fried rice with chicken Manchurian gravy, one small bowl of pineapple raita, and for dessert one bowl of fruit salad with jelly and ice-cream and nuts (It’s Sunday!! We eat out)

12.00 am: One bowl of rice balls in sweet thick milk (Midnight snack and because I love it. Stop judging me!!!!)

I was supposed to use the small food diary to record a month’s food intake and I had already finished half of it!! Boy oh Boy, I finally realized the reason for my weight gain…Oops!! I noticed in my diary that I did not eat anything between 5.00 pm and 9.45 pm. That was only because it was Sunday and I was in Church, otherwise I’m sure I would have not taken this long break from eating. Also, I started eating at 10.00 am only because I was sleeping till 10.

The next day, I showed my diary to my dietitian and the first thing she noticed was the rice balls in sweet thick milk and she told me I had to stop eating it. OK!! That was predictable. But what was unpredictable was the food chart that she made in my diary which I was supposed to follow because she no longer believed in the choices I made.

8.00 am: One glass lime water with honey

9.00 am: One egg

10.30 am: Three idlis with small portion of chutney (avoid coconut chutney)

12.00 pm: Sprouts (What!!! I am a human being!!!)

1.30 pm: Two small chappatis (without oil), one bowl dal, one bowl vegetables, salad (I am a south Indian. Where is my Sambar Rice?? )

4.00 pm: A bowl of fresh fruits

6.00 pm: 2 fiber biscuits and one cup milk (Two?? Really???)

9.00 pm: One small chappati, One small bowl of rice, one bowl of dal, one bowl of vegetables/chicken/fish, salad (No mutton for a while she mentioned with a smile on her face)

10.00 pm: One glass milk

I was pretty sure I will die of hunger and boredom after following this schedule for a MONTH. She also said not to eat out and to only eat homemade food. This is so much pressure. I am a foodie and I cannot survive with just home food. She told me to stick to the diet and meet her after a month. This was not fun anymore. Dieting, like gymming was not my thing. But I hated being fat and the term latent obesity kept ringing in my head. I wanted to fit into my favorite skinny jeans again.

I will write soon about this new adventure.

Until then LIVE every MOMENT and don’t forget to EAT RIGHT!!




2 thoughts on “The Weight loss Adventure -Part 2 : ‘Dear Food, I miss you!!’

  1. Shalzzz says:

    Thanks for a detailed ‘adventure’. I got married two years ago, and believe it or not- I had put on 22kgs in these two years! I have no idea where to start! 🙂


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