The Finish Line

We were sitting at the Cochin airport waiting for our flight that was going to take us back to Mumbai. The honeymoon period was over and the time to face life as a married woman was just hours away. New roles, new responsibilities, new family, new home, new husband, new place – that was  lot of change happening over such short duration. I was just standing at the starting point of my married life, but was I really ready for this race? Did I sign up for something without understanding the level of commitment it required? Will I win this race or lose miserably? These scary doubts were making me dizzy.

I’m sure my husband was also going through similar emotions as he was super quiet too. I asked him to buy me a magazine and he refused saying he wanted to talk. I really wanted some quiet time and just wanted to read but my husband insisted on talking. This is the difference between us – he likes to talk when there is an issue and I like to keep quiet and deal with it on my own. Maybe it’s because I have no siblings, so being the only child I generally deal with my emotions on my own. That was not the case with my husband. Over the years, things have changed for both of us; now I talk and he ‘keeps quiet’ (lol) but back then this was the case.

Since, he was totally disturbed by my silence; he decided to irritate me so much that I would talk. Men!!!

He started commenting on my bag and said I got it from the street (which was true coz I love street shopping). There was a brand name written on it and he started taunting and said, “You use fake products.” I was in no mood for his dark humour. I snapped back -” At least my bag has a fake brand; your bag has no brand”, I said. To which he replied, “My bag is an honest bag. It doesn’t believe in being fake like your bag.” I made fun of the colour of his bag and he made fun of my bag’s design. I proudly stated that my bag had trolley wheels and his bag had none. Lot of meaningless taunts and comments were exchanged until it was time to bid farewell to our bags at the airport check-in desk. Finally the bags were out of our sight but the argument still continued throughout the journey and lasted till we reached our destination.

We were waiting for our bags to come in the Mumbai airport. The conveyor belt started moving and the passengers started picking up their respective bags. We were eagerly waiting for our bags and I spotted my bag and it looked different. Something was wrong with it. When it came closer I noticed one of the handle was broken and I was shocked. My husband couldn’t control his laughter. He said, “This is what happens when you buy fake products!” I was super annoyed by now and decided to turn a deaf ear to all his comments which kept coming for the next five minutes and it stopped only after he spotted his bag with both the handles gone, zip messed up and damaged completely. Now it was my turn to laugh but I just decided to remain expressionless because I know he gets annoyed with my expressionless face more.  I tugged my bag with one handle and moved towards the exit while my husband carried his bag as if he was holding a baby in his arms. After we got into the cab, we looked at each other and laughed and laughed all the way back home.

Our race together had started and it started with a bang. A marriage is a race where there is no finish line. The winner always runs till his last breath. The judgment will be done based on how well this runner has inspired his partner to try new things and to live a fuller life. Did he live for his love or was he just living for himself? Did he contribute anything of worth to their marriage or was he just snoozing in his comfort zone??  Did he try to make their relationship work or did he give up? Did he live his life or did he just let life pass by? Did he pursue his dreams with his partner or did he just run alone? Did he embrace love or did he take his loved one for granted? Well, it is a tough race, but it’s not impossible. So run to win!!

Our first fight was meaningless but it kept us away from the scary future thoughts which were clouding our heads. We came back home laughing and not sulking. We couldn’t wait to share our funny baggage story with our family. Everyone laughed, we enjoyed homemade food after a long time, watched our wedding video which was delivered just the day before and retired to bed.  The future did not seem so scary because I was not facing it alone. I had a companion for life and we were ready to embrace the future together. We were ready for the race – the race with NO FINISH LINE!!!

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