Hug your Dad!!!

A father will always be his daughter’s first love. If I start writing about my Daddy, I can write a book (a big fat book).

So, when I was about three years old, I wouldn’t eat without my Daddy. I would wait for him to come home and feed me. Also, he had to tell me a story without which I would never eat. I was so self obsessed that I only liked stories featuring me. So, my Dad had to cook up a story every night with me as the main character just so I would finish my dinner. He was the best story-teller in town!!

When I started school, my Dad used to do everything as my Mom left for work early morning. He would get me ready, help me with my complicated uniform, feed me breakfast while I struggled with my shoes, help me wear my shoes and drop me at school. On the way to school, he would protect me from cows, dogs, donkeys and all the other ferocious animals in our locality. He was my HERO.

Growing up, I never had to ask him for anything. I used to hold his hand and walk and whenever I saw something I liked, I would secretly give him a nudge (so that my Mummy would not notice) and he would get it for me. Never was he so involved in his thoughts or any discussion to miss my signal. He was always there for me.

Of course, there were times when he had to say NO to me and I would get so upset with him. I now know why but then I was too immature to understand that he was saying NO for my own good.

During my teenage years, I told my Dad not to drop me at school as I had my friends and I did not need him anymore. All of a sudden, parents were replaced by friends. I could see him standing at the window and waving till I reached the end of the road. I was still afraid of dogs, cows and donkeys but was just too proud to admit that I still needed my Daddy. He still loved me unconditionally.

As I started college, my demands had increased. I wanted more pocket-money, wanted him to buy me stuff like a mobile phone, a two wheeler, wanted him to let me stay out with my friends longer. These were my demands apart from my food, clothing, education and accommodation. He gave me everything I asked for. I really wonder now how he managed everything with his income. I took him for granted.

I found love during my college days. I would be on the phone with him all the time. I would run to answer my phone. Sometimes my Daddy also gave me a call from his office. Whenever my phone rang, I started to wish it was from my love and not from my Daddy.

I went to spend my summer vacation with my grandmother. I got very sick and had to extend my stay since I was not fit to travel. This was the longest I had stayed away from my parents. When I came back, my Dad hugged me and cried. He couldn’t bear to see me so weak and sick. I don’t remember if I hugged back.

I lost my Daddy when I was in my final year of college. I was not prepared for this. You don’t realize how much someone means to you until they are gone. I miss him terribly. I long for those days, long for those moments. I long for one last meal with him, one last story about me, one last walk to my school, one last secret nudge, one last phone call, one last hug.

Hug your Dad and make him feel special. He has devoted his life to make you who you are and he loves you more than you can ever imagine!!!


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