Becka’s Fourth Month Photoshoot – The Cute Tortoise and the Supercute Hare!!!

Once upon a time there lived a happy little baby tortoise in the jungle. Since the tortoise was the only cute little animal, everyone loved her. All the other animals played with her, danced with her, partied with her and treated her like the queen of the jungle.
Then one day all the animals suddenly disappeared and did not come to play with the tortoise. The tortoise had hosted a grand party but still none of them showed up. Tortoise got to know that it was no longer the cutest animal and there was a new rabbit in town which was the cutest and now all the other animals loved her.


The tortoise decided to take this new rabbit down and declared a race. They had decided that the winner will host a grand party for all the animals of the jungle.


The cute Rabbit agreed and the race began

The rabbit was swift and ran much faster than the tortoise. The tortoise however was not afraid because she knew how this story ends. She knew that the rabbit would get overconfident and sleep on the way. The rabbit ran and ran until it entered a place with lot of yummy vegetables and decided to stop and eat.


The rabbit loved the veggies and wondered if she would have to share them if she won and had to throw the victory party. So she decided to act as if she was sleeping and let the tortoise win so that she won’t have to throw the party and share her yummy veggies.



The tortoise reached the finish line while the rabbit pretended to sleep and everybody including the cute rabbit had fun partying with the tortoise again!!!

Moral of the story: Slow and steady wins the race
And more importantly My mom and aunt are jobless these days!!


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