The Weight Loss Adventure – Part 3

Someone told me that if you follow something religiously for 21 days, it becomes a habit. I decided to test that. The diet that was provided to me by my dietitian was extremely boring, but I decided to go through the 21 days challenge. Of course, it was difficult, very very difficult. I am a tamilian. I need my Sambar Rice every day. Also let’s not forget I’m a pure non vegetarian and I definitely cannot survive on salads. So, I decided to follow the diet for 21 days and then have a grand feast on the 22nd day (Eeek!!)

My morning began with lemon juice and honey. I had five small meals. And my day ended with my favorite dessert ‘Dates’. I stopped eating out. There was no junk intake. The wada pavs and pani puris that my husband enjoyed in my presence did not make it any easier for me. Apart from the diet, I attended my aerobics classes 6 times a week. I used to check my weight every single day and would be seriously disappointed with the result. There was absolutely no change. I decided to check my weight only after the 21 days challenge.

My aerobics class was an adventure too.

The first day I was in class before time. I put on my socks and shoes and was ready to rock and roll. Once the class started, I realized I did not rock and I barely rolled. People were running around with their expert dance moves. Their feet hardly touched the ground. One moment they were in one corner of the room away from me doing some steps and by the time I reached that corner, they would dance towards the opposite side almost trampling me. This continued for the next 5-6 days until I got a hang of it. Once I understood the moves and counts and beats and steps, it was super awesome. The time I spent at the aerobics center just flew. I enjoyed every moment, every song, every step and every beat. My trainer was super awesome too. I was doing the easier version (level one) and would just admire the level two people throughout the class. They were flawless and they did such complicated steps so easily. I met some of the ladies who looked like they were college students but they turned out to be beautiful mothers. Some even had teenage children. I was so amazed by their stamina and their energy level and wished I could dance like them too someday.

I started developing new interests like workout clothes, jackets, bags and shoes which did not amuse my husband at all. He kept telling me not to compare my clothes and shoes with the trainer’s stuff because those are their work clothes and I did not earn enough to spend so much on gym clothes apart from my work clothes which I wore to college. I know it sounds really complicated. But when it comes to shopping, my husband makes an enormous effort to keep me out of the malls. But, he was kind enough to buy me some stuff to keep me motivated in my new adventure. On the 21st day, I was rejoicing because it was the last day of my diet challenge and I was really really excited to check my weight too. I was also excited about my feast and I had made big plans with my husband. Dinner date after a long long time!!!

I was getting ready for work and one of my favourite kurta fell out of my cupboard. I loved it but it wouldn’t fit anymore. I wanted to try it but did not want to get disappointed at the beginning of the day. But, I mustered courage and tried it on.

Did it fit?? I will tell you soon and share some more exciting stuff. I will also update you about the 21 days challenge. Until then get out, explore, learn new things and have fun. Life is too short to miss out on things that make you really happy!!



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