A Weight Loss Adventure – Part 4 : Being a Better Version of YOU!!!


The entire neighbourhood must have heard that!! It did not matter. All the mattered at that moment was the fact that I could wear my favourite kurta (which was not at all possible three months back) and it fits me perfectly now. I had a huge grin on my face as I proudly wore it and walked to the dining area to have my lemon juice with honey which I have apparently started to love now. My husband was sitting there watching cricket and he looked at me and said, “You look thin…. in a good way!!” I just looked away to hide the huge grin that wouldn’t leave my face and tried to be as cool as possible while responding back. “You think so??”, I asked in a very casual tone as if his compliment held no value in my sight. “Yes, you’re looking pretty”, he said. Again, in a very casual tone I said, “I’m getting late for work!! Bye bye.” Finally I get to be the wife who gets noticed by her husband when a cricket match is being aired live on television. Woohooo!!!

You get noticed a lot when you are the girlfriend or the fiancée or the new bride. But that somehow starts to fade off once the honeymoon phase is over. And for all the people who don’t know me, I like getting noticed – A LOT. When I was in school, I was a first bencher – partly because of my short height; but I took complete advantage of my position to impress my teachers. I was always there on the first bench trying to get noticed by all the teachers. Things changed when I went to college. I was not so much interested in getting noticed by the professors now. I had this particular person whose attention I tried to grab whenever possible – Daniel!! And I got loads of attention from him – so no complaints there (Hehe)

When you are the girlfriend, you get flowers and chocolates and presents and surprises. It continues when you are the fiancée and the new bride. But later, you have to wait for your birthday or your anniversary to get some attention.All coins have two sides and there is an other side to this coin as well. When you’re dating, you do everything to look your best. But now when you have started living with the person, it’s not possible to look your best always. Somewhere down the lane, we start taking our better halves for granted. We also take ourselves for granted. We stop paying attention to details like we used to before getting married. We stop taking care of our body like we used to when we were young. It might seem that all these things don’t matter; but it does!! Over a period of time, you start getting frustrated about everything – nobody notices you, nobody compliments you, nobody admires you, nobody adores you, nobody looks up to you – that’s when you realize that you are NOBODY!!!

This realization really helped me to become a better version of me. The workouts, the nutritious balanced diet, adequate sleep, lot of water and loads of love from loved ones did wonders for me. I went for aerobics that evening and checked my weight. I had lost 3 kgs that month and lost the remaining 5 kgs in the next three months. The best part of this entire adventure was the fact that I started eating proper balanced diet and loved it too. Of course, being a foodie, I had my own set of weaknesses.  I had my cheat days too, but now I knew how much to have and when to stop. I became more confident, I was happier and I could wear all my college clothes again (but I wouldn’t want to wear them because I had really bad fashion sense back then… lol). So I had to OBVIOUSLY buy new clothes two sizes smaller and I felt really good about it.

Well, that is certainly not the end of my weight loss adventure; in fact it’s just the beginning!! Will write soon about my next adventure – SWEET Beginnings!!

Until then, live, love and strive to be a better version of YOU!!!



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