9 Years Down….forever to go!!

Date: 6th May 2008

Place: Church

Occasion: Wedding Rehearsal

Time: I’m late!!!

As I rush to Church for my Wedding Rehearsal, I had a lot of things on my mind. How is Dan doing? Is he nervous about tomorrow? Did he get his suit ready? How would I look in my wedding gown? How is it possible that I really did not lose any weight in the last three months even after practically starving myself? Do we have enough food for all our relatives at home? Will they like the accommodation arrangements done for them? Do we have enough food to feed them? Will the salon guys make me look really pretty? Will I remember my wedding vows?

As I stepped into the church, I found everyone there waiting for me. And there he was – Dan Dan!!

We practiced walking down the aisle beginning with the cute little flower girls and page boys followed by the bridesmaids, groomsmen and then the Bride – ME!!! ( Really? ME ?? I’m getting married??) Our Pastor made us repeat the vows and everything seemed very easy. It’s so simple. Nothing can go wrong!! I just have to be on time and say “I DO!!”

Date: 7th May 2008

Place: Church

Occasion: Wedding

Time: I’m early and waiting for the groom(who is LATE…Good Job Dan!!)

Since I was early, the photographer thought this was a perfect time to click some pictures. I was dressed in a beautiful white gown with a pretty veil covering my head and face. I just stepped out of the car to get my pictures clicked and the worst thing happened. A crow decided he wanted to do his business on my veil not to forget on my wedding day!!! I HATE CROWS!!! And I have no idea what the crow had for lunch because I was really surprised with the quality and quantity of his business (GROSS!!!!) Everyone around me gasped and they were unable to react to what they had just witnessed. One of my aunties wiped it off and told me it was good luck (Seriously!!). So the pictures came out well with me giving a variety of expressions!!

Someone yelled – ‘The Groom is HERE!!’ I was pushed back into the car as the Groom is not supposed to see his Bride before the wedding.

We started walking down the aisle. I could see Dan standing there near the altar and giving me the biggest smile I had ever seen on him. All my friends and families were up on their feet to welcome me as I walked towards Dan. This was the greatest day of my life. But the veil covering my face was stinking… A LOT. I felt something funny happening in my stomach. Then I saw the photographer clicking my pictures and buried all my emotions down and gave a big big smile. It was so big that some people got offended that the bride seemed too happy.

Yes, it was the greatest day of my life!!

Yes, I’m marrying the love of my life!!

Yes, all my loved ones are here to bless me!!

But  NO NO NO the BRIDE is not supposed to look so happy on HER WEDDING DAY!

So, that walk seemed to last forever. My uncle placed my hand on Dan’s hand and Dan held it so tight as if he was scared I would run away. Everyone started singing and Dan whispered into my ears. I was hoping for – “My God!! You look so beautiful” or “I can’t believe we are getting married” or “ I love you” or “My God!! You look so beautiful” and Dan says – “My God!! We forgot the unity candles and Communion Set.” I just had a mini heart attack. Are we allowed to forget these things? Aren’t they like very very important in the wedding ceremony? Our Pastor was very cool so he went ahead with the wedding irrespective of the things we forgot.

Behind the Scenes:

Bridesmaid : Where’s the groom’s ring?

My mum: It’s with Dan’s mum

Bridesmaid : Where’s the groom’s ring?

Dan’s mum: It’s with Jen’s mum


Dan’s mum (removes her ring from her finger): I found the ring!!

Bridesmaid: Where’s the ring box?

Dan’s mum: This ring came without the box

Our Pastor announces exchange of rings. Dan puts the ring on my finger and it looked perfect. On the other hand, I tried to put the ring ( his mother’s ring – I was totally unaware) and it was small for him. We both looked at each other confused and I decided to try again, this time with all my strength ( I really really wanted to get married that day) and it worked!! Two ring on two fingers – we were officially married and were pronounced Husband and Wife. Everyone went crazy. So much excitement in the church!!

We were taken to sign our marriage certificate and we had a legal document stating that WE WERE MARRIED.

Awesome food, Great music, loads of pictures, many many blessings, lots of hugs and kisses and we were on our way to our Honeymoon!!

After Honeymoon:

Me: Where’s the Marriage Certificate?

Bridesmaid: It’s with your Mum

Me: Where’s the Marriage Certificate?

My Mum: It’s with Dan’s Mum

Me: Where’s the Marriage Certificate?

Dan’s Mum: It’s with the bridesmaid


Oh well! We can laugh about it now!!

Ceremonies, Rings and Certificates don’t define a Perfect Wedding or a Healthy Marriage!! Being in LOVE and Staying in LOVE is all that matters 🙂 🙂 🙂

9 Years Down… FOREVER to go!!!




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