Random things about ME!!!

1. Call me Jenefa or Jen (not Jennifer)
2. Jesus Lover
3. Born in Madurai, South India
4. Married my Best Friend from College
5.Mother of a one year old
6. Professor by Profession
7. Part of our Church Worship Team
8. Play keyboard occasionally
9. Love singing harmony
10. Love dressing up
11. Love dressing my daughter (lol)
12. Love Chris Tomlin, Hillsong, Michael W Smith, and my latest favorite Kristin Stanfill
13. Crazy about aerobics
14. Love swimming
15. Love dancing and would definitely love learning new forms
16. Pursuing PhD
17. I usually order pizza when I go out to eat
18. Crazy about ice cream. rabdi and chocolates
19. Shoes are my weakness
20. I love going out on vacations except for the travelling part
21. I’m very talkative when I am with someone who gets me
22. Very good at starting things and equally bad at finishing them
23. I like people with good sense of humour
24. My mom makes the tastiest medu vadas
25. And of course,I love shopping!!!


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